The ghost of Christmas past - 2004...

The events that occurred in my life before I started my blogging days are slowly slipping from memory. In an effort to solidify these memories before they are gone forever, I am going to be doing a countdown to Christmas by recapping the events of Christmases past. 

Today I start with the golden year of 2004:

This is the last Christmas that I spent without Blake.  We were engaged to be married December 28th, the Tuesday after Christmas. I remember being very distraught that we weren't spending Christmas together and upset at both our parents for selfishly wanting us to be 'home' which in my mind meant only one thing: very far from each other. I was able to sneak Blake home with me the week before Christmas on the notion "I can't drive all the way from UT to WA by myself.' After a brief one day visit, he then flew home to ID and I stayed in WA. I don't remember much about this actual Christmas except being very love-sick. 

I do remember having a wedding shower sometime during the week. I do remember all 8 of my siblings being home together for the first time in a long while. I do remember leaving a present under Blake's tree in ID on our way to WA - it was a camouflage fleece blanket with a tag that read "To: The man of my dreams." I remember tears streaming down my cheeks as I wrote the card because I would not be able to be there when he opened it. I remember it was a really big deal that we were far apart - or at least for me it was. Now I realize how dramatic I was being about the whole ordeal but at the time I felt very justified in my melancholy-mood. (And I am writing this in hopes that someday, when my daughters are young and foolishly in love, I can remember that I was once there too.)

Blake gave me a new set of scriptures with CYNDI LOVEJOY TAYLOR engraved on the front. I remember staring at the new name I would have in a few short days and loving that I got to be his. He also sent me a nice lovey-dovey email that I will spare you most of the mush (because I think he might kill me if I post its entirety), but here is a snip-it: Have a merry Christmas!  I'm sorry that we're not together for this one, but we'll be together for the rest of them.  Know that I love you Cyndi.  I always will. Your friend and almost husband, Blake

The day before we were to be married, Blake and his family came to town. We had a big family dinner complete with a marshmallow-gun fight that ended in a disastrous scrubbing of the church gym on our hands and knees to get the white mush off of it. I remember being very emotional through all of this and distraught once more when Blake's parents said "We need to get back to the hotel." It was only 9pm and I knew pre-wedding jitters would have me up until at least 3am and I wanted Blake to stay. But I dutifully said my good-bye and could not wait until the next day when I would no longer have to say good-bye to this boy.

The next day we were married and had our reception in WA. The following day we drove to La Grande to have the world's shortest honeymoon and the next day we arrived in Boise for our open house. We spent the night in Boise and then headed back to Provo on Saturday - we moved ourselves and all our wedding gifts (definitely the Christmas with the most presents) into our basement apartment and started school the following Monday.

It was a good Christmas - not in the magical way that Christmases are now with little ones   - but good in a coming of age, starting the next chapter, new beginnings kind of way.  

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