Last Christmas was a joyous occasion.  We had our two girlies bursting at the seams with excitement for the holiday and I looked as though I was about to burst at the seams. Our house was filled with great anticipation for the arrival of our twin boys and Christmas only peaked our excitement.

Our activities are fairly well documented already on this blog - but here is a quick recap.  We had a snowy adventure getting our tree. We got to spend some time with the Anderson family when we went to Burley to celebrate David's birthday. We spent Christmas eve with the Taylors. And we enjoyed watching Santa become a very real part of our Christmas as Paisley began to understand who the man in red is.

I will always remember this Christmas - my life felt like it could not be any more blessed. I remember waking early on Christmas morning (because one of the boys was wedged into my rib cage) and sitting alone in the living room surrounded by our tree and Santa's surprises. I had our traditional Roger Whitaker playing in the background and my heart felt that it might burst thinking of all the good in my life.  It was a beautiful moment that is clearly cemented in my mind - it was the calm before the storm.

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