The most memorable moment from this Christmas time was two weeks previous to the big day.  It was Saturday and Blake and I were working out at the gym when he got a phone call that changed our life. It was Micron and they were offering Blake a job in Boise, ID. It was our ultimate goal to move back to Idaho, but it all fell into place a lot sooner than we had hoped. We were going to be moving in less than a month so we got to planning and packing right away.

We spent this Christmas in Arizona knowing that it would be our last. We tried to fit in lots of trips to the park, game nights with friends, and a few visits to the Mesa Temple lights display.  

I remember trying really hard to keep our Christmas gifts simple that year. I was in a total purge-mode so the last thing I wanted to do was fill my house up with more stuff. I put some of our cast-offs to good use and made Paisley a "cardboard box kitchen" for her Christmas present. 

It had a short life because the movers were a little too rough on it, but that's alright - it was fun while it lasted.

Also, this was Cosie's first Christmas and all the girl got was some socks and fruit snacks but she was thrilled.

This was the Christmas that Blake first said "Holidays are fun again now that we got kids." And I had to agree with him. The magic of Christmas came back into our lives as we witnessed our children enjoy all the lights, music, and festivities.    

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