Christmas of 2007 was a party. We now had Paisley in our life and from Day 1 she loved to party and we definitely fulfilled that requirement during our holiday run through Washington and Idaho.

 A week and a half before Christmas, we flew to Washington and drove to the coast - I don't remember exactly where we were but I do remember seeing a sign for Forks, so as all you Twilighters well know it was dark, rainy, and cold. My parents rented a beach house and my family filled it up. We played lots of games, ate lots of food, and opened a behemoth pile of presents. The mound around my family's Christmas trees always makes it look like we are those crazies at Walmart with carts full of impersonal/impractical gifts. This is very far from the truth but with 40 people - one or two presents a piece makes for a good-sized pile.

One of my all-time favorite photos came from this trip. Meet Cousin Beckett - no kid on earth has more energy than this little boy.  Paisley absolutely idolizes him and calls him "my wild cousin." In this instant, Cousin Breeana was peacefully coloring on the floor when Beckett attacked - in less than a minute he had every crayon broken and every page ripped. I love the distress on Breeana's face and absolute glee on Beckett's.

This is also the first time we learned that Paisley was allergic to traveling and she suffered most the trip from ear infections and all the puking, pooping, and tears that come with it. 

After 5 days in WA, we borrowed my parents car and drove to Boise. It was then that I first had to entrust Uncle Jake with babysitting Paisley while we went to the temple with Hank (it was his first time). We learned that although Jake will NOT change a diaper - he is a decent babysitter. In Idaho, we saw lots of snow - which was fun for Paisley and also went sledding. We had Christmas morning at the Taylor's and Paisley slept through most of it. We flew home later that day and enjoyed the rest of the year with Daddy as he had lots of days off of work.

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