Eating good...

 I uploaded all the photos that I have taken thus far in November in search of something to blog about. 
As I scrolled through them - I noticed a common theme:
I guess all we do is eat around here.
And if we aren't eating, we're cooking or doing the dishes.
*(Babybook side-note: Fielding learned how to pull himself up and he loves it. He is so proud that he has a whole new perspective on things. He doesn't know how to get down though so he ends up face planting 50 times a day - poor kid.)

Well - I was hoping for something a little more profound to blog about but when 1/4th of your waking hours and a few sleeping minutes (thanks to nursing) are spent prepping, serving, or putting away food, I thought it deserved to be documented. 


erin said...

YUM! Those cookies look so good. You shouldn't post those pictures unless it's possible to share! :)

Cute kiddos! Fielding looks so grown up in that last picture! Handsome little guy.

HowellAZ said...

Cute pictures! Fielding is the only one who has something to show for his eating abilities! All the rest of ya'll are tiny things! Love his chunky baby body.