Cosie Pie...

Dear Cosette - 
I know there will come a day when you are about 14 or 15 and you will confront me to why there are no photos of you when you were little. I want you to know that I tried and I tried often. You are extremely difficult to get photos of. During the first months of your life you developed a strong aversion to the camera - this hatred continues on. Add coldness (your archenemy) into the mix and this is what we get... Here are the best shots of you from our photo shoot:


Here a few candid shots that capture your personality a little bit better:

We put Fielding in the baby doll stroller and you both loved it - you pushed him around for a good 20 minutes. I love your eyes in this picture - you have the darkest eyes in the family that are deep and beautiful.

You are Paisley's little shadow - most the time you guys are connected at the hip. Last night, I heard you laying in bed talking and laughing hysterically for a good twenty minutes. I hope you are always such good friends

I love when you interact with Fielding. You call him "Big Bubba" and you always comment on the noises he makes. You say "Fielding said 'Grrr.' He is mad." You have a quieter way of playing with him that is very sweet.

You loved the Halloween thing and dressing up everyday as a butterfly. Most days you are sporting a Tinkerbell costume or a ballet leotard so this was right up your alley. You are such a tiny thing and when you flit around the house like the littlest fairy - it makes me smile.

Thanks for being the cutest little Cosie. You can be stubborn and ornery but most the time you live a quiet and content life. I will probably say it a million times but it still surprises just how much "You are so like your Dad."

I love you! Thanks for filling the role of middle child so well. You are a joy!

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Durfee Family said...

Yes - I agree! Cosie = little Blake! She such a cutie though! I love quiet little people!