2nd half of Halloween...

We made good use of our costumes this year - I think we wore them to 5 different events and the girls never tired of it.

One day turned a little long for the girls while waiting for the next party so I had them turn our living room into a spider web. It was a hit.

We carved pumpkins - Blake and I were both over this activity after helping the girls carve theirs and then still had ours left to do.

Our carving skills are limited - Cosie requested Mickey and Paisley wanted a cat.

We dropped off a "Baby Boo Pumpkin" to our baby... bet you didn't know that is what those minis are called.

Then we did the freezing-cold-Trick-or-Treating thing.

We totally exhausted this holiday and I am kind of glad to move on.
 Thanksgiving is a little bit more peaceful and I would choose stuffing over candy always.

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