16 posts all wrapped up into one...

I keep sitting down to write all my recent ponderings on life, but it's just not flowing out my fingers as fast as I would like it to.  So here are (in no particular order) all the blog post subjects I have began to formulate which will never be finished and probably don't merit a full post anyhow.

*Teething is hard. Sick babies are hard. Two year-olds are hard. But they really aren't that hard. Those were once my hard but then I got a new hard. I wish I could go back to the old hard, but I really don't because I wasn't as good of a mom when that was my hard. Make sense? No. Oh - Sorry.

*A sappy post about why I love this quotation: "That was my choice. A world of weddings, behind every door. Oh, Eddie, it never changes, when the groom lifts the veil, when the bride accepts the ring, the possibilities you see in their eyes, it's the same around the world. They truly believe their love and their marriage is going to break all the records." -Marguerite, The Five People You Meet in Heaven 

*How much I hate Sap.  Sappy movies, sappy books, sappy blogposts... ugh, yuck.

*The day we had a cat. It was really just for two hours until the Humane Society could come get it - but it proved just how unfit I am with animals.

*That my kids are probably the worst kids out there when it comes to entertaining themselves. By 10am we have exhausted Playdoh, dress-ups, coloring, painting, shows, reading books, and playing house. This is when we have to leave the house or the kids start rioting - my kids are easier anywhere but home... atleast for awhile.

*How much I hate TV and that this makes me somewhat prideful - which is probably worse than watching TV so maybe I should watch more TV just so I can be more humble.

*That I have been forcing my kids to take walks in 30 degree weather - is this considered abusive? They complain the first 10 minutes but after that their fingers go numb and they stop whining.

*How many twins are in this world. It's like buying a new car and noticing them everywhere. I just wish they knew why I was longingly staring at them.

*My tutorial on how to make a Thanksgiving garland-thing that I took no photos of and since you can't do a craft tutorial without photos of every minor step... why would you want to read this post.

*Why I could never maintain a blog that required tutorials.

*Why women are crazy and always go over the top and how I wish I could be in the Elder's Quorum Presidency where they throw a box of ice cream sandwiches on the table sans tablecloth and call it good... AND NO ONE EVEN CARES! Why can't we do that - just once. Please? It would feel so good if we just didn't have to care about the dang theme/decorations/handout for one activity.

*How much I love being in the Relief Society Presidency... no I really do. It's just the tablecloths - they start to grate on you after awhile.

*That Blake is a nerd. I have posted this so many times before that I am just repeating myself but the evidence that pops up in support of this is just too good not to post. Like for instance, he developed a new app for Android so if you have one of them fancy-shmancy phones search Sci Fi Quotes in the marketplace and download it (his is the one with the eclipse picture - like in the moon not those vampires that if I hear one more thing about I think I am... Oh, that would be a whole other post). Anyways, you will see his nerdhood at it's finest and rank it a 5 so he can quit his day-job. Here's a link to his sci-fi quotes app.

*How much I love thrift stores but seriously $9.99 for a pair of little girl's shoes just because they had the tag still on them from Target is NOT thrifty. Please stop doing that Mr. Goodwill Price-Setter Man.

*How I have started this new thing of waking up before my kids and it's good but tiring and 9pm comes along and I can barely function... and Fielding has been sleeping awful (2 new teeth on top) and I really used to be a brat due to motherhood-sleep-deprivation but I either am getting used to it or I have just stopped noticing my own bratiness... either way I'll take it.

*How it is past nine and I must go to bed to ensure I am not a brat.


jaci said...

i agree with the sappy-yuck, i agree with the tv (except i like dancing with the stars), i think i would go back to little kids who can't entertain themselves versus teenagers who can't entertain themselves, i totally agree with the tablecloths---and i wish your hard was easier...you are amazing and i think of you (and pray) for you often. thanks for making me smile tonight!

busy bowman said...

I agree with it all! And you can ask my kids what 9 Oclock at my house is know as! WITCHING HOUR!!! It is the hour I turn into a witch. I usaully have to go to bed or read by my self but my kids khow that they are in trouble if they are seen!!!!