Taylors 2011...

Our family photos that we shot a few weeks back arrived in the mail today... you should have seen how fast I got that CD out of the envelope and into the computer. I hadn't seen any of them and I was anxious - "Please just let one turn out. Please just one. One that makes us all look decent. Please." Well - here is that one. I love it! You have no idea how ornery Cosette was with getting these pictures so the fact that I got one with all eyes and smiles on the camera (maybe some head-swapping had to take place - I don't know) makes me SO happy!

 Here are some facts about our photo shoot:

*Our photographer is my 3rd grade best friend, Ashley Schoenfield. She is amazing and I love having her take our pictures.

*It was freezing. We got rained out the Friday before so these were shot early Monday morning and all our noses were red by the end. This was the leading problem with Cosie's lack of cooperation - she HATES being cold.

*My entire outfit (including accessories) was less than $14 - all but the necklace (Payless) came from the thrift store.

*Cosie's dress was made from the shirt I wore last year in this photo (also proof that she hated pictures even back then).

*The girl's hair is not my favorite styles for them - but waking up at 6:45am was early enough for these tired girlies... so we had to skip baths.

*Paisley is a poser and promised candy corn/pretzels only added to her willingness to smile.

*Fielding was super serious - usually he is pretty generous with his smiles, but not that day.

*Blake is not a fan of family photos - but he is so good to not complain (not even once) with the whole production of getting three kids cleaned, dressed, posed, and pictured.

*Fielding passed out by the end - even with the cold and all the moving around.

*There are a lot more - but I can't waste them all here. Don't worry you will see them all soon.


The Thompson Family said...

They turned out sooo cute. How could they not with such a beautiful family. It is crazy how fast time flies. That is awesome you made Cosette's dress. We love and miss you!

Sara said...

LOVE the pictures! Oh yeah, and I live in Utah now and think maybe I should make a road trip to Idaho... who knows?

HowellAZ said...

Fabulous family photos! I am just getting around to checking blogs and enjoyed all your recent posts. I think you guys are really enjoying fall - fun memories!
Can't wait to see the rest of the family pics!