Picture dump...

We loaded this past week with some good times.

We made some Halloween cookies.
 We had to keep Fielding occupied - so he rolled around on the table covering himself in cookie crumbs and flour.
 Cosie didn't enjoy the "sticky" fingers that go along with the treats so we had to help her out.
 Paisley loves this activity and has some how convinced her mom to do it almost every holiday.

 Our friend put together an awesome Halloween play-date, complete with Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin, 
 Cupcake decorating,
 and a test run in costume wearing.

We got to go to the ward Hillbilly Harvest, where Cosie was the cutest hillbilly ever.
 They came home with 6 goldfish and 48 hours later we still got two that are going strong.
 The girls really do love their new pets - here's Cosie kissing hers.

We spent some time with Cousin Cana at Grandma and Grandpa Taylors.
 Fielding checking out the cute girl.

And every now and then, we just spent some quality time together rolling around on the floor. I think this is my kids favorite thing - when I lay down and tickle and tease and attempt to stand them on my hands (I am just not as strong as you Kara). It's like the most simple of pleasures for them - sometimes I just have to remind myself to stop and do it.

So that was our week.

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busy bowman said...

party at TAYLORS!!! I put a pumkin on the front porch. isn't that enough!