The first half of four...

Paisley is half-way through her fourth year of life.  This is usually where people say - how did she get so big so fast? With Paisley, I never have to say that because she came out half-grown.  She was big when she was born and she will always be big. She talks big and acts big and if you know her at all... eats big. She has already begun her plea for independence with requests to ride her bike "by myself" to her friend's house. She lives each day in anticipation of the next party and will always struggle with a fear of boredom. She loves being the biggest sister and makes sure everyone knows it. Here are a few other Paisley-facts:

*Paisley asks questions every day all day. It can be quite exhausting but also very amusing. Here are a few recent convos:

-We were talking about how we get see Cousin Cana soon and that she is crawling everywhere.
Paisley: "How old is Cana?"
Mom: "Nine Months."
P: "How old is Fielding?"
M: "Nine Months."
P: "If they are both nine months, how come Fielding doesn't crawl very good?" Oh wait... I know. Girls are smarter than boys."
I have no idea where she came to this conclusion, but I like it.

-Paisley was asking me her 20 questions as we were driving. I don't remember about what. On the 21st question, I paused and audibly sighed trying to come up with an answer. Paisley interrupted my train of thought with: 
P: "Mom?"
M: "What hunny?" 
P: "Do I ask a lot of questions?"

*Paisley thinks cousins are better than Disneyland or Christmas or going to Disneyland for Christmas. We got to spend a weekend in Utah with 20+ of our Anderson cousins.  She got to have a cousin-sleepover in the living room with all the big cousins and she thought that life couldn't be much better. She was heartbroken, literally torn to the core, when we had to leave.  She loves the party but can hardly handle the goodbyes.

*Paisley will be an amazing mom. She dotes on Fielding all day long - her favorite thing to do now is feed him. She is surprisingly good at it and it helps free me up to clean the kitchen during his meal time. She holds him and carries him and climbs in his crib in the morning.  When I ask her to please leave him be, she tells me "I am sorry but I just have to touch him."

 *She went on her first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. When I asked her how was it, her answer was that "We rode a tractor, we jumped on a big trampoline, we went down a slide, we got a pumpkin, but I didn't like it because we didn't get to do everything." This is Paisley - more is more and even more is best. I don't feel that her parents instilled this trait in her - she just came this way.

She is my talk-non-stop, play-with-me-please, watch-this-mom girl. 
My life will never be quiet as long as she is in it and I am grateful for that... 
most the time.

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busy bowman said...

Never change her! I love her play time partying even if playing duck duck goose lasts for days! I miss you guys!!!!!!!!