Summer snip-its...

I feel it... fall is coming and I can't wait.  
 So before we hop into the festivities that occupy the last three months of the year - here are few neglected summer adventures that occurred.

We spent a few days at Eagle Island - next summer I am getting a season pass.  It was a fun, cheap, and easy-to-manage destination with three kids.

We sipped smoothies every day.

Blake and the girls floated the Boise River a couple times.  I had to skip this fun because of the nursing babe. We would wait on the shore and I loved watching all the floaters going by - lots of young adults trying hard to impress with their over-sized sunglasses and hard bodies.  When my little family started making their way towards me, I always thought, "Those people can keep their bikini-clad women and trying-to-be-tough men because look at this great guy with the cute kids - this is what I want my life to be all about."

We enjoyed some after-swim-lesson Cold Stone.

We played with water... alot!

We dressed up... alot!

We feed the ducks at Talmage's grave... alot!

We had our first tastes of french fries - and we want more.

We cleaned up alot of antibiotic-induced blowouts.

We went to the fair with Grandma and Grandpa Taylor.

We snuck ice cream into Fielding's diet... usually Blake or Paisley's doing.

Summer was kind to us but I love when the seasons change and am so ready for some leaf-raking, football-watching, hoodie-wearing days!

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HowellAZ said...

I just love all the fun summer pics! Their smiling faces speak volumes - so precious!