We put in a sandbox - it is a great addition to our backyard.

Here are the details if you want to replicate a cheap, easy, and wonderful place for your kids to get down and dirty.

We used this tutorial on MADE.  We simplified it by putting down landscape fabric on the bottom instead of the wood - this is a huge money saver and really didn't change the finished product from what I can tell. I skipped the colorful stripes out of pure laziness and painted it with some leftover brown I had in the garage.  We were lucky enough to get our sand from a neighbor who was clearing out his. We are still trying to work out the kinks of a cover - we will use a tarp but are trying to figure the best way to attach it.

It cost about $50 for supplies (wood, screws, and tarp), took two Saturdays (about 4 hours each day), and has already paid for itself.  The girls love it - we use it about 30 minutes every day, longer when the girl's have friends over or if mom throws in different toys.  

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Trisha said...

You mentioned that you were trying to work out the kinks for the cover. Check out this link for a way cool cover idea. (probably expensive and lot of work but great idea.)