The Sawtooths...

We challenged ourselves to a two-nighter campout in the Sawtooths - we failed. Camping with kids is fun and memorable but it is also a lot of work. We decided that as long as there is a nursing baby in tow we are limiting all camping to one night - everyone can survive one night without sleep but two is just pushing it.

The day before we left I found another great Goodwill find: A brand new 6-man tent. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this because otherwise we would have been stuck in our too-small 4-man tent more than we would have cared for.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and sent up camp.

Blake wasted no time getting to work and the fish were biting like crazy.

He has his "special spot" and his "special lure" and it did not fail him. First two casts out he pulled in fish and then 4 more after that in the hour that we were out there.

The girls enjoyed playing on the beach. Don't let the swim attire fool you - we were quite cold.

They made sand birthday-cakes and buried their feet (to keep them warm).

The scenery can't be beat and I enjoyed the beauty of McGowan Peak while Blake fished and the girls played and Fielding hung out in the sling.

Back at camp, we enjoyed some delicious tin-foil dinners with a side of fresh fish and s'mores for treat.

The kids were troopers sleeping in the tent, but it was cold and nursing Fielding was far from enjoyable since I had to exit the comforts of my sleeping bag. Blake read too many of the bear posting signs and couldn't sleep in fear of an attack. We were both happy when morning came and we could get out and warm up by the fire.

Cosette and Fielding both passed out again by the fire. Blake and Paisley went back to the fishing hole in the fog and caught some more.

The sun decided to make an appearance so Blake and the girls got in a little boat ride with dad.

Then a big ol' thunderstorm came and we spent some quality time in our tent.

We peeked out and saw this and knew it was time to pack up and head home. It hailed and the temperature dropped atleast 20 degrees.

We headed out just as another storm was rolling in - the girlies passed out on the way home.

We all had a fun trip but Blake thoroughly enjoyed himself and his fishing success...
I love this picture - just a boy enjoying the simple pleasure of catching fish!

Thank you Sawtooths for a good time - we will be back again next year...

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HowellAZ said...

Wow - looks like an adventurous camping trip! Everyone was all smiles in the pictures, so it must've been a great time, despite the hail and cool temps! I request a post dedicated to your tin foil dinners - please share your tips!