My living room...

One of my favorite bloggers, who happens to be a cousin-in-law, is doing a home tour on her blog. I loved reading hers so thought I would join the fun. I will show four of the rooms in my house and remark on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So here is a peak into my home - my favorite place to be!

Let's start with my living room. This is what you see when you walk in my front door:
Yea - it's a lot of yellow, but I refuse to swim in a sea of beige. I have never thought it overwhelming until I took this picture... hmmm, maybe it is a little bright.

This is the wall you see when sitting on the couch:
The Humanitarian School Kit mess is not a permanent fixture.

This is facing back towards the front door:
That toybox bench saves my sanity by being an instant mess-hider.

The Good:
I love this wall's arrangement. The family photo is the first thing people gravitate too. I love that it is the focal point of my room because it is the focal point of my life. I also love the thrifted clock (just don't believe the time that it shows) and the oversized goblet on the plant shelf.

The Bad:
Finding an entry rug that corresponded was difficult. I finally settled on this one and have come to find out that it is all sorts of dysfunctional. The door catches on the fringe, people slip on it, and it doesn't lay flat. It needs to go but I refuse to junk it until I have a replacement.

The Ugly:
I hate the gold on the fireplace. I also hate the light colored mantle but if I was ambitious I could paint that, but the gold I am at a loss of what to do to disguise it.

We spend a lot of time living in this room. It is where all the toys are dumped, it is where I read stories to my girls while I nurse Fielding, it is where family sleeps when they come to visit. We require a lot from this room and I am grateful that it is big and bright and functional.


Anonymous said...

Aw! Thanks for playing. I had no idea that your living room was yellow! It's fun! And I love those family pictures.

I read somewhere online once that on most fireplaces you can just take off the brass parts. I don't know if that's true, but it may be a simple fix for your fireplace. Dunno.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love the yellow!!!! and all the cute family pics!! thanks for sharing your living room with us!! Hope all is going well!!

Durfee Family said...

I love the yellow! It suits you! Happy and Bright! Your living room is beautiful!

If you want to get rid of the gold you can totally paint it. I've seen it done on lots of blogs. If you can take it outside just spray paint it. Prime first, then whatever color you want. I've been spray painting everything I find! Especially, thrift finds! LOL! It's been so much fun. Maybe I'll follow your example and post my living room or something. I've been working on my house too! :)

Ali said...

(I've been lurking a while...)

If you're going to paint the brass, make sure you use a high-heat spray paint...it's usually marketed to use on BBQs. If you don't, regular spray paint will just bubble and peel off.