My kitchen/dining area...

The kitchen is the next most used area in my house. It requires functionality more than anything. The layout of this kitchen is great. I love the bar. I love all the cabinet space. I love the microwave stacked above the oven. However, the details of the kitchen are lacking - the cabinet color is boring, the countertops are boring, and the flooring is boring. None of those things are changing anytime soon so we'll make the best of it.

Here is our eating area:
The light fixture is great. The red wall is a great contrast to the yellow one. And I really like the cut-out window thing and need to find some awesome hanging basket to put there.

This table was saved from the side of the road and I love it. It is chunky and worn and a dog chewed one of the chair legs into near non-existance. There is play-doh and fingerpaint and who knows what else lurking in the cracks on the top. I have left-over paint from when I re-did it and each summer I just plan to give it a good coat and seal all that in there. It's a glorious table and cost me a total of $4 and some 'you seriously are taking this' looks from the movers.

The BAD:
This house lacks a family room - therefore we have no good place for a TV and no good place for a desk. The laptop sits on our counter - it's handy for my allrecipes.com addiction when cooking but I am waiting for the day when one of the girls spill smoothie on it. And the pile of stuff next to it is Blake's idea of being organized and makes my eye twitch.

Talking about eye twitches - here is a big one! I hate stuff but what can you do - here is where the mail gets sorted, here is where I keep my calendar, here is where the tape, glue, pencils, scissors, books, diapers, thank-you cards, tissues, keys, cameras, wipes, church binders, and marbles-found-in-the-carpet get stored.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your table! Way to be thrifty! It's awesome. And that cut-out window is cool. I've never seen one like that. Scotty and Blake must have the same organization system! Ha ha! I'm sorry you don't have a family room! They are very handy! I should probably be more grateful for mine.

Durfee Family said...

Very cute! Love it! Love getting to see your house!

Samantha said...

i like your kitchen cabinet color..but i love light colored wood. and i love the yellow living room, very bright and cheerful!