An injustice...

I have been spending some quality time around water lately - lakes, rivers, the pool. And it has been brought to my attention that an act of sexual discrimination is occurring.

Why is it socially acceptable, almost fashionable (with the whole skin cancer awareness craze) for a man to show up to the pool dressed like this:

While I, as a female, am expected to use an eighth of a yard of the most form-fitting fabric known to man to cover myself.

I can vote, I can drive, I can wear jeans... but why with all this progress am I still expected to arrive at the pool wearing the swimming equivalent of lingerie. And even if I attempt some degree of modesty in my high-cut one-piece, I am still left to stare at the navels (and various other parts of anatomy) of women I don't even know.

It's like you got two options: teensy piece of lycra or frumpy old t-shirt - Either way it usually isn't attractive.

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