I never understood people who had to phonetically spell out what there kids were saying... then I had kids and fell in love with the phrases and words that are uniquely theirs. So allow me to indulge my mommy-self and spell out a few of my favorite Paisley-words.

"The Buzzin-bees are coming." (Bumblebees)

"I want germs and pancakes for dinner." (German Pancakes)

"Can I peel the oran-gee." (Orange - this is one of the many one syllable words that she makes into two)

"Ughhh - that's gusting." (Disgusting)

"Pazillion" (The biggest number she can think of)

And here are few other antics that put a smile on my face:

"Look Mom - It's Jesus."

She made a bead necklace that she wanted me to wear. She kept bringing it to me to put on, I would wear it for a minutes then take it off, she would find it laying there and bring it to me to put on - we repeated this about 5 times. Eventually she gave up on me and that night I found the necklace hanging appropriately on my jewelry-board.

Six months ago we had a Family Home Evening Lesson on the Holy Ghost. Paisley is still enthralled with the idea. Here is a random sampling of her questions concerning the third member of the Godhead. Does the Holy Ghost have a tail? Do the ducks have a Holy Ghost? Does the Holy Ghost like it when I eat? Does the Holy Ghost have a Holy Ghost?

This girl is a joy to have in my home. She loves to party and keeps me hoppin. She is smart and caring and colors amazingly well. She has a small princess obsession that her mom can't seem to squash out of her. She is my living shadow - very few moments are spent without a part of her touching a part of me. She is a great big sister and helps out in every way she can. She's got one more year before Kindergarten and I am grateful for this... she is more than ready but I am not. I think I am a good mom when it comes to giving my kids roots but will forever struggle with giving them wings.


Jennette and Rich said...

"does the Holy Ghost have a Holy Ghost?" she's a smart girl :)

Durfee Family said...

Well, she is a princess! She is growing up beautiful! Just like her Mom!

HowellAZ said...

She sure is a smart cookie, and I agree with Jenette on the HG question...I don't think I would've ever thought to ask that one. The duck one, perhaps, but not the former.