Mom is me...

This is what I wake up to:

It's also what I go to bed to.

Sun up to sun down these kids are in my sights.

I am their Mom.

I am the cereal pourer, the carseat buckler, the blanket finder, and the 'Is-it-my-turn-now?' regulator.

I am always on alert - listening for cries, sniffing for poop, and checking the bath water temperature.

There are books I want to read, blogs I want to write, and thrift stores I want to browse. Instead, my library card is maxed out with picture books, I have become the master of speed-blogging, and trips to the store are limited to: "Do we got milk?" Yep! Then we don't need to go."

I am enjoying my role as wife and mommy. It's just a little all consuming.

So I am off. Off to fold and wipe, sweep and wash, cook and put away.


HowellAZ said...

Love it - who wouldn't enjoy seeing those squeezable faces in the morning?!?!

Durfee Family said...

Oh what a beautiful life! And beautiful children! :)