5 months...

Fielding is 5 months.

He is an excellent coo-er, smile-giver, and belly-laugher.
He has dark blue eyes that are similiar to Cosette's.
He has to be double-swaddled at night and sleeps beautifully from 10pm - 7am.
He has now been deemed fat by many well-meaning associates.
He tried rice cereal for the first time and it stressed him out so we will try again later.
He loves to be held - but who wouldn't?
He is well-loved by his big sisters - Paisley can get him laughing like no one else.
He instantly calms down when taken outside or put in the bath.
He won't fall asleep on me anymore and I miss it already.
He is getting more opinionated about the carseat - he is usually fine once in it but he has learned the good ol' arch-the-back trick when I am trying to buckle him.
He tries really hard to get his hands in his mouth and I wouldn't be surprised if he was another finger-sucker.
He gets lots of head-rubs.
He is pure sweetness.


connie said...

We love it that Fielding is so chunky, there is more of him to love. He is so happy and sweet. Can't wait to see you all again. MOM

HowellAZ said...

Jett whined to see the video twice, and then I cut him off! Ha ha! I love the gurgling noises. Looks like summer is well-enjoyed at your place. Maybe we can make it by your neck of the woods again before cold weather is upon us once more!