Friday write-day...

So I always have this desire to write on Fridays. My brain and body are usually burnt out from the week and I watch the clock more than I should waiting for Blake to come home so we can get our weekend party started. So I am going to start a new thing on Fridays and blog from writing prompts... I need to write and I want it to be more than a "this was our week" recap that I usually fall prey to on Fridays because all my brain cells have been gobbled up by the demands of Perry/Luna.

Today's prompt: Something someone told you that you will never forget.

When I was pregnant with Luna, I hit 40 weeks. I have never dilated without the help of medical intervention and I was really hoping this might be the time. In order to "help" things along and because I get crazy late-pregnancy nesting energy, I decided to spend a day doing some serious yard work. I push-mowed and weeded and trimmed and pulled out an entire tree... I spent all day outside and when night hit, I felt satisfied (although it did nothing to further my labor readiness) but also aware that the extra 40 pounds I was carrying had seriously messed up my foot. I didn't know exactly what was wrong but I figured my scheduled induction would give me enough time to rest my foot and have it heal.

Well, four weeks later and lots of time spent with my foot elevated, iced, and wrapped, I was still in a lot of pain. I was wearing tennis shoes with knee-length shorts - I looked so frumpy mom-ish and it was doing nothing for my post-baby self-esteem. I decided to go see a foot doctor and luckily I had a nice OBGYN that gave me a reference so I could get in fast. At the appointment, I learned that I had a pulled joint capsule - a hard to heal injury that there was not much the doctor could do. He wanted to make some special insoles for my shoes so he put in some templates that I was instructed to wear for the next two weeks so he could determine where I needed extra support.

Two weeks later, I returned to the doctor. He pulled out the insoles and gave me the best compliment I have ever received, "These look like the insoles of a 300 pound construction worker!"

"Well, I am on my feet most of the day."

"You don't need to tell me that. I can clearly see that. You obviously use your feet and we are going to find a way to give you some better support because this is crazy."

It felt like the best validation of all that I do...


10 posts I want to write...

*The weather this week is awesome. Warm and hot in the mornings/afternoon and then storms roll in every evening... I love the wind and the coolness. We took our first maiden voyage out to Simplot pond and besides a few fisherman and a mama with her baby ducks we were the only ones there - I love the first excursions of the season.

*My friend, on learning that I took my kiddos to the pond on a whim, told me that she was so impressed with my energy while pregnant. I told her the truth and said, "I think I just feel trapped by my four walls more than most moms." I go - I go A LOT - I will forever be grateful to Blake for not once complaining about how much gas money I spend. If I didn't go - I would be crazy... well, crazier.

*Perry and Luna are turning into a destructive hurricane together... they just dump and dump and dump all day. I am constantly saying, "You can't get that out until you clean this up." or "Go wash your hands but please don't get soaked." or "Please just sit on the couch and not touch anything for 2 minutes." The other day, while in the bath, they made the biggest bathroom flood I have ever seen and I was only gone for the amount of time it takes to put the washer load into the dryer. Perry was never one to get into things so I think Luna is the instigator but Perry is happy to push the limit once she gets him going.

*Potty training is so all encompassing. Luna decided she wanted to be potty trained Monday - she is doing really well with the pee... she is an infrequent pooper so I can't really judge that but the one time she did go was not in the potty - ugh. Our whole days are spent going to bathrooms or cleaning up accidents. AND then today we had a friend over that has been potty trained for a year yet she pooped her pants... it was in ballet clothes too which I have decided are the worst to excavate a poopy kid from - if it was my kid (and our clothes) I would have resorted to scissors and just cut the whole thing off.

*The ONLY thing I want to eat is chocolate shakes. I make protein ones for lunch everyday but honestly I wouldn't mind just rolling up to McDonalds breakfast, lunch, and dinner and ordering the large full fat goodness.

*We played a new game with the Dunkley's, Gaia Project. It took over 3 hours and was a lot of brain work and Blake killed it... yet I am still looking forward to playing again this Saturday.

*My kids have 5 more full days of school left - aghhhh… how can this be?

*I have 4 outifts that fit... I refuse to buy more maternity clothes - I kind of look homeless. I can not wait to burn my maternity clothes!

*Perry is reading easy readers. Fielding (Fielding - the kid who I took to get his eyes tested because it took him 5 years just to learn the letter A) is knocking back chapter books. And I can't keep my girls in supply of books even though I go to the library bi-weekly. My kids love to read and I feel like in some small way I have succeeded as a parent in the biggest way possible.

*Our garden and fruit trees are filled to the max - our harvest is going to be insane this year and I am pretty sure I plan on just giving 90% of it away (shh... don't tell Blake). And our grass is growing so fast - our lawn is not easy to mow (even with our rider) because you have to go around a million trees and a chicken coop and the tall swings and the firepit and navigate irrigation trenches that bottom out the mower and so lawn care seems to have taken over a much larger part of my life than I wish it was.


The difference between Blake and I that makes all the others make sense...



We share a desktop computer in the kitchen - whenever his email is open I get anxiety. I may have deleted one or two in the past... because really who can live like that!


Future dairy farmers of America...

Perry got to go on a fieldtrip to a dairy farm for preschool - since I drive a school bus now I volunteered to help transport the crew so Luna and I got to enjoy the fun too. He was concerned weeks ago about the smell and I really thought when we went into the milking shed that he was going to puke.

Getting ready to feed the baby calves - the highlight of the tour.

Luna's bottle was as big as her.

She was so into it - both the cow and the girl!

We also got do a hay ride to see the farm's operations, eat some string cheese, and ask the farmer 100 relevant and some not so relevant questions.

I'm pretty sure I could be cow farmer-ish... if only we had a pasture!


How to have fun in the pool class...

Perry was dreading summer. When I got down to the bottom of it, it was because he didn't want to go to swim lessons. Swim lessons are a must for my children because we live by the water during summer so I was trying to figure out how to get him to face his crazy phobia of having water on his face. I had the inspiration to find a class before the rest of the kids are out of school so I could focus more on just him (and Luna). And I had the inspiration to call it "How to have fun in the pool class!" instead of swim lessons. I learned about the Nampa Recreation Center and that they offered pre-summer time lessons so I thought we would give it a try.

It has been awesome - the first day the teacher had Perry briefly putting his eyes in for bubbles. By the second day, he would willingly "dive" for the diving sticks. He loves to go and is proud that he has been improving. The teacher is a perfect mix of fun and pushing Perry to try harder. The facility is awesome and I plan on utilizing it next winter for open swim for my other kids as well.

It's funny how timid Perry is around water because Luna is the exact opposite - she spends more time under the water than above it while we are there.

I call her Luna-fish!

The best part is the kids can stay and swim for as long as they want after lessons - it is a great way to spend our mornings.


Luna can dance...

Luna had her dance recital at the assisted living home. Once we got to the right one (instead of the other one with the same exact name) she rocked it. She was all smiles and after this first spider song she said, "I want to do it again!" She likes the audience which I thought was funny - you never know how a kid still in diapers is going to respond to 100 pairs of eyes staring at her. Here is the video I took - I wish I would have taken her second song instead because she was even more into it since she understood what was expected. She is very concerned about staying on her spot too.

She also did a princess ballet dance (for some reason only one other girl from her class showed up) and a jazz song with all the mini-dancers for the finale. It was super cute and makes me so happy that she has found something she loves!

A very motherly mother's day.

Turns out if you are noticeably pregnant on Mother's Day - everyone and mean EVERYONE will wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

The kids were really awesome and made me feel the love of the day. The younger ones made things at church/school for me but Paisley was bummed that she did not. So she got to work (and enlisted Cosie in her plans) and all weekend I would walk in on them drawing or painting and yelling, "Don't look!"

They woke up early Sunday morning to tape footprints with things that they loved about me all up the stairs. Then they had a poster declaring their love. In the kitchen, Paisley had cleaned the entire thing and draped the table with a tablecloth and a vase of flowers that she had gathered from our yard/Grandma's yard/and her friend's yard with all my presents and cards. It was really sweet because she had came up with it all on her own and I could tell she was trying hard to display her love.

We spent the day at church - I got to teach and I was happy with the direction the lesson took so that was nice. Blake napped - I did not... I had to haze him about that seeing that it was Mother's Day not Exhausted Runner Day. Had a BBQ with Tim and JO and my niece Kelsi. Tested out my new ice cream maker - I have dreams of owning an ice cream shop so Blake thought it was time I got to work on practicing some recipes (He just wants to be the taste-tester I think). Played Codenames which I can beat Blake at so YEAH! Went to the cemetery were we said Hi to Talmage and Boston, rode bikes, saw a million geese babies, and got serenaded by a swan.

We had all but made it home when the Dunkley's invited us over for a last minute fireside treats so we flipped a U-turn and headed back where we just came from (the Dunkley's live about a mile from the cemetery).  It was fun to let the kids play out back while we loaded up on Wolf-Ems (dough cups filled with pudding, cream, fruit, etc. And enjoyed some good conversation. A crazy storm blew in right when we were leaving which ended the night with a double rainbow!

I love being a mom - it is far from picture perfect (especially when Luna is ready for bed) but there really is nothing better than it!