The Designed Man...

The Designed Man - by Fielding Taylor

The designed man went to my house and he made my tramp all colorful.
"Dots" "What did you do?"

He made my house all colorful and messy also he made my furniture all full of designed.
"I am mad." "Oh no!"

"Leave my house!" "Be quiet"

"Hmph" "I am leaving."

Please somebody get this kid an agent...

Thank you Fielding for the smiles!!!


Backwards week...

Too lazy to flip flop the pictures.

Friday: Perry and Luna had an hour of nicely playing together It- it was wonderful!

Thursday: Luna caught a "chickie." This girl is so tough - I love it!

Wednesday: A certain sister-in-law bought us pizza for dinner... and introduced chocolate lava crunch cake into my life - so good! Thanks Micah!

Tuesday: Fielding got to go hunting with his daddy so we had a late night library run... Cosie should go into graphic design.

Monday: School night at The Farmstead with the family. Lots of us had never been before so it was very exciting to finally get to the "monster pumpkin patch."

It was a nice mellow week. I tried sticking around home and getting caught up. I finished formatting 2014-2015 into a blog book (which was  a huge accomplishment). Jo and I picked out the quilt fabric for my new bedspread for our master which was fun. I finished the monstrous book that I've been reading for our couple's book club... I look forward to reading something light and short. And I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned which you wouldn't think if you came to my house... but I really did.

Oh and Fielding lost his tooth at Grandmas!


Utah party...

The kids had three days off of school that aligned perfectly with the marathon - so we made a family trip out of the whole shebang. Our goal was to see a few old friends, some new friends, and go on an awesome hike in southern Utah since we have never explored much of that country.

Day 1 - Wednesday:
We made the long drive to Springville, Utah to Sara's (one of my old college roomies) house where we spent the night.

Sara is good at spoiling us with food, fun, and BYU Creamery ice cream. The kids were so happy to be out of the car.

They had a wood puzzle that kept Blake busy for a few hours...

... and he made Baby Matthew cry when he cheered in victory for finally solving it.

Day 2 - Thursday:

We took off down the road, stopped at Cedar City for lunch, and then found our trailhead for the hike we had planned. I had read about Kanarraville Falls in a magazine and it did not disappoint.

The first half was golden and warm and full of autumn wonder.

The second half was cool and shady and full of freezing water that we had to wade through.

A red rock slot canyon has always been a dream of mine to hike through - it was breathtaking! Our feet were so cold at this point.

The freaky ladder up the waterfall.

Fielding got stuck here and soaking wet... he kind of panicked and it made the next hour a little rough until we could get him back to the sunshine and warmed up.

We all safely made it back down the waterfalls.

I had Luna on my back and impressed the rest of the waiting hikers by getting back down the ladder without serious injury to Luna or myself.

We found the sun again - it felt so good to get our feet thawed out.

 Beautiful 5 mile hike that the kids did really well on considering the frigidness of the water. Blake and I would have enjoyed to be more empty-handed so we could have explored the waterfall area a bit more but maybe another time. Makes me really want to get to Zions and Moab now!

After our hike - we finished our drive to St George where we met The Malafaus and it was love at first sight. Cassidy and I have been Christmas card friends for awhile since she found my blog a few years back. After running into her at Ragnar this year, she gave us a loose invite to come stay and her phone number - this is a mistake to do with the Taylor's because we really will hold you to it!

We had a lot of fun getting to know some new friends and the kids could not have been happier.

Scout and Paisley - they were kindred art making spirits.

Porter, Perry, and Fielding boy partied with army guys and Legos.

And Luna and CoCo were best friends. The dogs name was actually Charlie but Luna insisted it was CoCo and it kind of stuck.

We enjoyed dinner, sunshine, lots of projects, a good nights sleep, and waffles there before heading on our way.

Day 3 - Friday:

First stop was the Marathon expo where the kids spun every prize wheel they could get their hands on.

Then we hit up the St Gorge temple grounds - I love the whiteness of this building... especially in contrast to the surrounding red rock.

After a stop for lunch at three different fast food joints (we usually don't cater that much to our kid's preferences but we were feeling generous), we finally hit the main event: THE COX'S HOUSE!

My kids have been talking about visiting the Cox's since they moved. They knew this trip was coming up and they had been counting down the months then weeks then days. The Cox's warned us that their house was a bit of a construction sight and sure enough it was - so we hung out by the pool and the river on their property and didn't mind one bit. Swimming in October - the kids were in heaven!

We spent the afternoon outside then had our necessary pre-race spaghetti dinner then took the kids back into town for a fun run that the marathon was putting on. We got to ride in their party van and between the two of us filled every seat in the 15-passenger van... so fun!

We ran amok in the park for a bit then got down to business.

The older sets of kids did the mile run!

Fielding and Jed

Cosie and Addie

Paisley and Daisy

Getting ready to hit it - check out 198... serious runners - starting them young!

Props to the race - shirts, numbers, medals, cotton candy, ice cream, protein bars, Gatorade, photo booth, and chocolate milk... all for $10!!!

We finished up and headed back home where the kids laughed and screamed and avoided sleep until every last one of us adults gave them a stern talking to.

Saturday - Day 4:

Blake and I ran and ran. The kids played and played - thank you Dusty and Kim for babysitting (that was another deciding factor for me running this race - I knew the kids would be well taken care of for the 7 hours that I was away).

Once it was time to get on the road the kids cried and cried - goodbyes are hard! My three oldest idolize the Cox's - these were Cosie's thoughts through her tears, "I have good friends Mom, but Addie is my favorite friend!" 

Yay for favorite friends!!!

We took off from St George - set our sights on Leatherbees in Draper and stopped in for cheese fries and ice cream...

After stuffing ourselves, we headed back on our way. The drive was long and painful but thanks to soda turning Blake and I into caffeinated weirdos we made it the 9 hours home around 12:30am... yay for our own beds!

It was a memorable weekend - which we have had quite a few of lately... we are looking forward to getting into the fall of things and cozying up the house and sticking around for a bit!