Gratitude day 23...


I choose mornings over evenings but evenings do have their place.

*Evenings are nice for snuggling up with Blake for a long over due movie that we have been waiting to be released at Redbox.
*Evenings are quiet ONCE the kids are in bed,
*Evenings are full of ice cream and brownies and hot cookies.
*Evenings are ideal for board game playing.
*Evenings are glorious when I finally crawl into bed.


Gratitude day 22...


There are no words to properly express my appreciation for the existence of words.


Gratitude day 21...


Give me trees and mountains. Give me rivers and boulder fields. Give me green grass and blue skies. Give me fresh air and sun-warmed skin. Give me the vastness of the ocean and the fragileness of a freshly-hatched baby chick. Give me the stars and the moon and the song of crickets. Give me a place where the world feels bigger than just four walls.

Give me the great outdoors - it is where I feel home. I am happier when I am outside. I had a sacred experience this past year that involved pondering on my Heavenly Mother and that she did play a role in making this world beautiful.

I believe in Mother Nature. When I am surrounded by this big beautiful world - I feel connected to her.

The kids...


-Way into slime. But not into actually following a recipe to make decent playable slime - more like throwing 10 different ingredients into a bowl in hopes that it will come out looking/feeling awesome.
-Finally got her basketball hoop that we "gave" her for her birthday back in May. She begs Blake hourly to go play with her.
-Is so so so excited for the family get-together for Thanksgiving. Although she is slightly disappointed that ONLY twenty-four people will be here.
-Has been a running fool at school. 
-Is doing awesome with her piano and loves the Christmas songs she now gets to play.


-Has had to endure a bit too much family togetherness lately - this holiday season might just do her in. She loves school and does not do well without it.
-Is doing great in dance. Her friend quit so I worried that she wouldn't like it as much but she is still loving it and is excited for her Christmas recital.
-Is devouring books - I can't keep enough in the house.
-Hates bathing/showering and always slides under mom's radar in that department.
-Has had some insomnia lately and doesn't fall asleep until 11pm.


-Was so proud to be student of the month for his class in November.
-Takes his coat to school but doesn't always wear it - tried to wear shorts the other day also - what is with boys not dressing appropriately for cold weather?
-Has the worst cough in the history of mankind... still.
-Has gotten long and lanky lately.
-Is doing great in the reading and writing department - I'm so happy!


-Has slept until 7:30/8 for the last two nights - it's a miracle!
-Asks for a treat every 2.5 minutes.
-Loves his preschool!
-Is bored with all our toys - Mom is looking forward to Christmas for some new activities for him.
-Is the worst cleaner we have - asking him to pick-up toys is like asking him to pour hot gravy on his face.


-Loves to play fetch. She thinks she is a baby dog/kitty/elephant daily.
-Dresses up all the time - I love it!
-Currently goes to bed great but is crying out 2/3 times a night - ugh.
-Has a brown spot in her left eye - just like her mom!
-Makes everything better in our house - everybody loves her the most!


Gratitude day 20...


Ohhh - I love a good challenge.

A hard board game against fierce competition.
A crappy piece of furniture that I can make look like a million bucks.
1000 piece puzzles (more if I didn't have so many kids helping which means wrecking it almost as fast as I can build it).
A hike up a mountain with a kid on my back.
A 26.2 mile run.
Salsa canning parties.
5 pair of matching Christmas jammies from various thrift stores all for under $20 total.
Body pump - although my new gym doesn't offer the class so I have to make up my own version with the free weights.
An unruly writing prompt or assignment that has me keep trying.
Potty training a stubborn child... Just kidding - that is the worst. No gratitude in that one.


Gratitude day 19...


I am grateful for water. For drinking it... for playing in it... for cleaning up with it.


Some Saturdays...

It's been awhile since we had a just stay at home Saturday - so today I decided to go for it. I made it until 10am before I texted a friend, "Wanna kid-swap?" Even with the distraction of friends for the last two hours and the promise to go play at their house after - I'm pretty sure I have been told, "I'm bored" at least 40 times today. I really don't get what is going on. 

Every room in the house has been cleaned, destroyed, and cleaned again at least once today. We've played Legos, playdoh, baby dolls, half a dozen arts and crafts, and outside. We baked banana bread. We had a dance party. We did chores. And we did half a dozen more arts and crafts. It's only 3pm and I feel like we have been in this endless loop for days - I 'm over it.

I'm so happy for a friend swap - Blake is home from camping and we are getting out of these four walls... because if I have to vacuum up melty beads one more time today I am going to pull out all my hair.